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Monday, March 4th:

Senior girls CML 1  practice 2:45-4

Senior boys game at Cedar hill


Tuesday, March 5th:

Junior girls pink and junior boys practice at lunch

Junior girls pink game at home

Junior girls maroon game at central


Wednesday, March 6th:

Rugby meeting at lunch in the gym

Senior girls CML 1 game at home

Senior girls CML 2 game at Dunsmuir


Thursday, March 7th

Junior boys game at Cedar hill



Monday, Feb 12th:

Junior girls white and senior girls rec practice at lunch

Senior boys game at central

Senior girls CML 1 and 2, practice 2:45-4


Tuesday, Feb 13th:

Junior boys and junior girls pink practice at lunch

Junior girls Maroon and Pink game at home

Junior girls white game at Dunsmuir


Wednesday, Feb 14th:

Junior girls white and maroon practice at lunch

Senior girls rec game at Home

Senior girls CML 1 and 2 game at John Stubbs


Thursday, Feb 15th:

Junior boys and junior girls Maroon practice at lunch

Junior boys game at home


Krispy Kreme Fundraiser

Centre Mountain Lellum students that are travelling to the Galapagos Islands over spring break are selling Krispy Kreme Donuts as a fundraiser.

Original glazed dozen donuts for $20.

Pre-orders can be placed by purchasing online at https://sd62.schoolcshonline.com/

Delivery will be to the school on Friday March 1st.




We have set up 4 dates in January/February 2024 for Subway lunches to be delivered to students for those who order through School Cash online.


This is a School organized fundraiser for the students travelling to the Galapagos Islands at Spring Break.

Please note that this is not part of our PAC’s Hot lunch program.

The 4 dates for Subway lunches are Thursday January 18th, Thursday February 1st, 15th and 29th.    The cost is $26 for all 4 dates, no single date purchases are allowed.


Thank you for supporting this fundraiser!



All Volleyball

Monday, Dec 18th: senior boys practice, 2:45-4.

Tuesday, Dec 19th: junior girls maroon, pink and white practice, 2:45-4.

Wednesday, Dec 20th: senior girls, both comp and rec practice 2:45-4.

Thursday, Dec 21st: junior boys practice, 2:45-4.


Please Bring in your basketball jerseys please!


Monday, Dec 4th: 7/8 boys comp basketball practice at lunch and game at Gordon head, 3:45.

Tuesday, Dec 5th: grade 6 girls volleyball practice, 2:45-4.

Wednesday, Dec 6th: grade 7 and 8 girls volleyball practice, 2:45-4.

Thursday, Dec 7th: grade 6 and 7 boys volleyball practice, 2:45-4.

Friday, Dec 8th: grade 8 boys volleyball practice at lunch.


Please email cml@sd62.bc.ca to report your child’s absence from school.

Please indicate your child’s name, homeroom if possible and dates they will be absent from school.

Parents are able to check their child’s attendance by logging into the parent portal.



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