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Eat Well Get Moving

Parents Group – Empowering Families


Community Resources:

1)      Pacific Center Family Services Association (Youth outreach/ Sexual Abuse Intervention)

Switchboard:  250 391-4320/  https://www.pacificcentrefamilyservices.org/

2)      Child and Youth Mental Health (Westshore) : Intake no. 250 391-2223 / https://clbc.cioc.ca/record/CLB2598

3)      Discovery Youth and Family Addictions Services (VIHA)

Contact Information    Phone: (250) 519-5313
Fax: (250) 519-5314
E-mail: discovery@viha.ca
Website: https://www.viha.ca/cyf_mental_health/resources.htm

4)      L.I.F.E. Program ( Westshore Recreation Centre/ subsidy) :  https://www.westshorerecreation.ca/programs/the-l-i-f-e-program/

5)      Sooke Family Resource Centre – Family Counseling in the Westshore:  https://www.sfrs.ca/family-services/family-support/

6)      Parent Support Service Society of BC:

-Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
-Parent Support Circles
-Parent Education

7)      Military Family Resource Centre:   https://www.esquimaltmfrc.com/

8)      Children’s Helpline: 1-800-668-6868;   https://kidshelpphone.ca/Teens/Home.aspx

9)      Learning Through   Lossinfo@learningthroughloss.org

10)    Need2 (suicide prevention education and support) www.need2.ca

11)    Erase Bullying https://www.erasebullying.ca/

12)    Intercultural Association (Family Supports and Youth Groups)  :  https://www.icavictoria.org/

13)    BC Families in Transition provides individual and family counseling as well as  legal support for families in transition.
They are found at 899 Fort Street (250 386-4331)  : https://bcfit.org/

14)    Discovery Youth and Family Substance Use Services  Island Health has partnered with our school district to help meet the needs of our students and families. Discovery provides FREE individual and/or family counselling for youth aged 12-19 and their families/caregivers who are experiencing difficultes related to their own or someone else’s substance use.   Anyone can make a referral by calling 250-519-5313 (press 0).  Your school Counselor can assist you with a referral if needed.