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President:                     Pam Miller and Sandra Arnold

Vice President:           Shay Bryden

Treasurer:                   Cheryl Marsh

Secretary:                    Heather Power

SPEAC Rep:                Tom Davis

Members at Large:  Jackie Beaulieu, Leigh Hoban, Kate McCallum, Farrah Merchant, Maureen Ochagla, Jesus Ponce de Leon, Leanne Renfrew, Tara Twaddle, Samantha Whittall

Hot Lunch:                  Sandra Arnold and Kate McCallum

Social Media:              vacant


Welcome to our new Centre Mountain Lellum PAC Executive 2024 – 2025

President                     Kate McCallum

Vice President             Samantha Whittall

Secretary                     Vacant

Treasurer                    Cheryl Marsh

SPEAC Rep                   Vacant

Directors-at-Large      Tom Davis, Leigh Hoban, Heather Power, Leanne Renfrew


To contact the PAC please email us at:  centremountainlellumpac@gmail.com

PAC Constitution & Bylaws: http://tinyurl.com/CMLPACConstitutionandBylaws

PAC Meeting Minutes: http://tinyurl.com/CMLPACMinutes

PAC meetings are held monthly on the last Tuesday of the month, 7pm, at the school.

AGM is held the last Tuesday in May.

Follow us on FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/centremountainlellumpac.

Sign up for our monthly PAC Newsletter: http://tinyurl.com/CMLPACNewsletter



Hot Lunch and Popcorn can be ordered at cml.hotlunches.net.

If finances are a barrier, please reach out to the principal, your classroom teacher, or directly to PAC.

We need volunteers to help on Hot Lunch Fridays.  Sign up at volunteersignup.org/777FY.

Questions about Hot Lunch?  Email us at cmlpachotlunch@gmail.com.


CO-OP GAS Fundraiser

NEED GAS?  Use our CO-OP Fundraising account # 141478.  A percentage of your purchases are added to the PAC share account for the benefit of our students.


Centre Mountain Lellum Parent Advisory Council

School Board Policy 

The Board recognizes the value of the many forms of community participation in school life. Consultation with parents is both desirable and necessary. The Board believes that parents who are informed and are committed to their children’s education can and do enhance the quality of learning.

The Board, encourages the formation of Parents’ Advisory Councils, pursuant to the School Act, which may advise the Board, the principal and staff of a school on any matter relating to the school and which should promote the exchange of ideas among the principal, staff, parents and other community members, relative to school programs and policies.

The Board also expects the school Principal to take a lead role in helping the parent community form a Parents’ Advisory Council and provide on-going support. The Board encourages and supports the Sooke Parents’ Educational Advisory Council (SPEAC) and recognizes its role as a District Parents’ Advisory Council.