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To Contact the PAC please email us at:  centremountainlellumpac@gmail.com

Keep up to date with all that is happening with the PAC on our FACEBOOK page at Centre Mountain Lellum PAC

BIG thank you to all the parent volunteers who came out to our PAC bottle drive this summer!  We were able to raise over $2000.

NEED GAS?  Our CO-OP Fundraising # 141478  a percentage of your purchases are added to the PAC share account for the benefit of our students.


Center Mountain Lellum PAC Purdys Fundraiser begins….NOW! Go get your Easter treats: https://fundraising.purdys.com/1579718-103480

Our goal is to raise $1500 so we need your help—but don’t worry, all the work you’re doing is choosing which chocolates to order.

Stock up on beautiful Easter gift boxes, fun chocolate bunnies, Sweet Georgia Browns and more. All profits will go directly to Centre Mountain Lellum PAC. So satisfy those cravings, get all your Easter gift-shopping done while supporting a great cause.

The deadline to order is Monday March 20th.

What you need:

§ Campaign number: 64853

§ Campaign link: https://fundraising.purdys.com/1579718-103480

Orders will be delivered to your student on Tuesday April 4th, or you can arrange pick up to keep your order a secret!

Please share with anyone you know who might be interested. It would help us so much.


Hot Lunches – Centre Mountain Lellum Middle School



President:                 Lindsay Case   centremountainlellumpac@gmail.com

Vice President:       Sandra Arnold  cmlpacvp@gmail.com

Treasurer:                 Pam Miller  cmlpactreasurer@gmail.com

Secretary:                  Heather Power

Speac Rep:                Lovely Sidhu  tejindersidhu0185@gmail.com


Member at Large: 

Tom Davis  admin@gigarange.net

Leanne Renfrew   leanne@jamesrenfrew.com

Leigh Hoban  thoraleigh@gmail.com

Marie Ikonen   ikonenm@shaw.ca


Centre Mountain Lellum Parent Advisory Council

School Board Policy

The Board recognizes the value of the many forms of community participation in school life. Consultation with parents is both desirable and necessary. The Board believes that parents who are informed and are committed to their children’s education can and do enhance the quality of learning.

The Board, encourages the formation of Parents’ Advisory Councils, pursuant to the School Act, which may advise the Board, the principal and staff of a school on any matter relating to the school and which should promote the exchange of ideas among the principal, staff, parents and other community members, relative to school programs and policies.

The Board also expects the school Principal to take a lead role in helping the parent community form a Parents’ Advisory Council and provide on-going support. The Board encourages and supports the Sooke Parents’ Educational Advisory Council (SPEAC) and recognizes its role as a District Parents’ Advisory Council